What we do

We offer a free consultation to assist clients to set up a plan for
their retirement wealth creation.

How we do things

Our mission is to provide to our investor clients the benefits of Research, Education and Support throughout the lifetime of their residential property investments.

We offer a free consultation to assist clients to set up a plan for their retirement property wealth creation. The plan contains financial objectives, strategies and action plans with fallback planning for unforeseen expenditure or illness. The plan objectives will lead us to the location and the type of property.

Then we research areas producing potential for above average capital growth &/or rental yield. We identify developments which meet our selection criteria. We work with a number of developers and builders of repute, accessing hundreds of properties across Australia.

Every builder we work with has been the subject of due diligence with scrutiny of history, licensing, quality of work and financial capability.

Every location we recommend has been the subject of stringent tests for historic and potential capital growth and high rental demand.

Capital growth is the key to creating property wealth. Each location selected by Meredon must meet rigorous tests imposed regarding location;

Locations have been selected on the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales from Townsville to Newcastle including some of the regional cities or large towns with multi – industry employment. We do offer advice to investors in other states and will identify opportunities in their state if that is desired.

Rental income and taxation allowances play the most important role in paying for the investment with high rental demand one of the major features for a selected location.

We provide you with an investment analysis and cash flow summary for the purpose of discussion with their respective financial advisors. The investment analysis is specific to the client’s financial situation and the intended property and consists of 15 pages.

We are with you all of the way to provide professional assistance and expert advice if and when you need it.

Mediwealth Australia assumes all of the essential roles to successful residential property investment

This is what we do

  • Consult to determine client financial objectives and life time goals
  • Develop a plan to reach desired outcomes which includes property investment
  • Research property compatible to the plan objectives
  • Education where required Offer property options
  • Scrutinize contracts for signature
  • Monitor all stages of construction
  • Appoint quantity surveyor to provide depreciation schedule for taxation allowances
  • Arrange handover inspection
  • Introduce professional property manager
  • Monitor property manager performance
  • Monitor capital growth of property annually and report to client Receive bi-annual report
  • Review property wealth creation plan bi-annually

What outcome can be expected?

  • Maximize the property taxation allowances available
  • A property wealth creation plan to create a sum sufficient to provide the wealth outcomes desired.
  • A portfolio of carefully selected properties producing above average capital gain and rental yield.
  • Through an understanding of the needs and expectations of the busy client with regard to property wealth creation, developing strategies to utilize the financial capacity of the client to invest as part of a plan to ensure financial security for a comfortable retirement or whatever milestone in life is chosen.
  • Each property investment will be monitored regularly to determine wealth creation through growth in equity with additional equity used to increase the size and value of the property portfolio
  • No interruption to your busy schedule

There is no charge for these services. We are remunerated from fees charged to developers and builders upon whom we have completed due diligence.


This is what our clients do

  • Make informed choices
  • Pay a deposit ranging from 5% to 10% (No LMI) with the interest rate reduced by at least 150 points less than the current fixed rate * conditions apply
  • Bank the rental income less expenses
  • Receive positive after tax cash flow as long as net interest rates stay below 7.25% p. a.
  • Receive the bi-annual report

Different as Chalk and Cheese

There is a huge difference between ‘expert advice’ and ‘sales advice’. When you purchased an investment property did you obtain advice from an ’expert’ or was it ‘sales’ advice?

Did the advisor stay with you after the contract became unconditional?
Did the advisor carry out the following services for you?

“It’s choice – not chance that makes your destiny”

Jean Nidecht

Founder , Weight Watchers International

Don Duncan

Don Duncan

Principal Consultant

Don is the Principal Consultant at Meredon Consulting, with over forty years experience in developing successful residential property investment strategies, and extensive experience in the financial sector, Don is uniquely qualified to provide you with the best property investment advice available. He is supported by experienced property investment consultants in both Brisbane and Sydney. Don is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, and a qualified Trainer of Trainers. In addition to this Don has also been an active member in the community, he was a member of Rotary International and Past President Toastmasters Territorial Council of Australia.


We know how busy you are with little time to attend to important issues like future planning. We are ready to assist at any time or location of your choice, when we may get to know each other and understand your wealth creation objectives. Make an appointment for a 15 minute phone discussion to review your needs.