Stringent Location Test

Research locations providing potential capital gain and rental returns which are above average must tick all of the boxes.

  Local, state and/or federal government commitment to infrastructure spending within the next 3-5 years

  History of steady growth of population and employment in the area

  History of steady capital growth and rental demand

  Proximity to schools and child care

  Proximity to major transport

  Proximity to medical services

  Proximity to major and local shopping

  Bus services

  Recreation areas / social clubs/ sporting clubs

  Churches, places of worship

  No/low crime rate

  Local Council reputation for maintaining the locality/landscaping/cleanliness/crime prevention

  Employment opportunities growing

  General (Vacancy rate,  Current rentals median, Current sales median, Demographics, Owner/occupier standards for the build)

To enable you to reach your property wealth objectives it is essential that you make informed choices (choice not chance) each of which is critical to the success of your property portfolio.

Don Duncan

Principal Consultant , Mediwealth Australia