Take advantage of our complimentary review meeting and
start exploring your options with our experts.
To ensure that we have a complete understanding of your objectives and your current financial situation we will meet with you at least 3 times.

Measure yourself – Determining financial situation and capacity. Understanding how it is possible to use your investment property to pay down your home mortgage debt. How the development of the right strategy will create personal wealth and financial security at retirement


Using positive after tax cash flow to reduce home mortgage


Selecting a property to fit your financial situation now and into the future

To achieve these objectives we need to meet with you and whoever else may be a party to your property wealth creation objectives. These meetings can take place at your home or office or if you are located outside of Brisbane we can arrange a web or Skype discussion.

Consultation is offered in 2 areas. One where you may be currently owning investment property and desire to confirm that you have taken the best direction or, two, where you may be entering or considering entry into the residential property investment market.


A review of any current property investment – if relevant

☐  Is it performing to your expectations?
☐  If not, why not?

Why are you entering the property investment market-benefits sought:

☐  Financial and lifestyle goals
☐  At retirement
☐  For your family
☐  For tax efficiency
☐  Other

Confirm your current position and set wealth creation goals:

☐  What is the gap between what you know will happen with your current arrangements and what you need for a secure retirement? The consultant will discuss this with you.

☐  What is your borrowing capacity? Complete a financial snapshot for the Finance Consultant/Broker (attached) Property wealth creation strategies


Property selection:

Location, type, cost, capital gain and rent potential long term

☐  SMSF – Do you have a SMSF?



☐  Potential to use leverage
☐  Positive cash flow
☐  Debt refinancing
☐  What can be borrowed comfortably without stress?
☐  Strategies in conjunction with your financial adviser / mortgage broker
☐  Using the investment property to reduce the home mortgage debt and repayment period


The purpose of the meeting is to understand your retirement / wealth creation objectives, set your direction and assist you to make informed choices.

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