How much do you need for a comfortable retirement? What is your plan?

SMSF retirees need to save more to achieve their retirement goals due to a weaker investment outlook that indicates returns will remain lower for longer, according to new research.

According to a scenario from the report titled SMSFs Treading Water, a 65-year-old SMSF couple to afford a comfortable retirement (as defined by ASFA1) has increased by 17% from $702,000 to $824,000.

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A definitive guide to creating wealth for a comfortable retirement

During our consultations and information sessions we place great emphasis on the need for a plan to secure a comfortable retirement. The following information may influence readers to start now rather than defer for no valid reason. In the event there is a gap between what is known and what is needed, property may fill or assist to fill that gap. Our role is to provide property investment advice backed by Research, Education and Support. It is never too early to start planning a comfortable retirement.

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