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What we do

Our mission is to provide to our clients the benefits of Research, Education and Support throughout the lifetime of their residential property investments. Setting their direction to ensure that they make informed choices


We set your direction through you making intelligent and  informed choices leveraging on our more than 50 years of property investing experience.  


In conjunction with your accountant or financial advisor, we provide property options where taxation allowances may be maximized.


Provide the best advice and guidance, to develop your plan for a ‘comfortable retirement’ using property to augment superannuation and other arrangements.


We ensure that you can obtain a property within your financial capacity, which has all of the potential for capital gain and above average rental demand.


Do you currently have an investment portfolio? Is it reaching your expectations? We can provide a review with recommendations.


We liaise with your property manager to ensure that all is well with property and tenant.  We also provide a bi-annual report on your property market value every 2 years

There is a huge difference between ‘expert advice’ and ‘sales advice’. When you purchased an investment property did you obtain advice from an ’expert’ or was it ‘sales’ advice?

How we do things


We provide you a one-on-one property investment strategy consultation of the highest professional standards to best understand your financial capabilities and retirement goals.


We utilise an extensive network and a wide array of research data to acertain the best growth areas across Australia and source the best property investment within your capabilities to achieve your goals.  


94% of property investors fail to reach desired outcomes because they failed to plan. We provide our clients with planning which includes all of the expert advice they require to make inelligent and informed choices.


Our service does not end at the property sourcing. We connect our clients with every service and trusted provider necessary to negotiate and ultimately manage your investment property for the long term.


Throughout the process, we provide our clients with invaluable education. Building up  knowledge and the right mindset to become a more sophisticated investor and achieve a successful, profitable property portfolio.


This is the most important step in our entire process of building  you a comfortable retirement. Once you are ready to invest again, we will continue to work with you to locate and acquire your next property.

Don’t know where to start?

Take advantage of our complimentary review meeting and start exploring your options with our experts.

There is no charge for our services. Call us at any time to discuss matters related to property investment. Your Success is our success.

What people say about us

We have lots of great feedback from our clients. Here’s what some of them have to say about us:

We have purchased three investment properties through Don over the last two years. Nothing has been too much trouble as he has supported us through property selection, purchase, and SMSF/NRAS details. All the properties were tenanted quickly and are performing very well. His service and support is at a level we’ve never seen before in the investment / real estate industry. Don is currently helping us get into our fourth property, and it makes all the difference having someone we can trust totally.

Colin & Ann Allen

Robina Qld

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