Frequently Asked Questions

What should I buy?

It really depends upon your wealth creation strategy – whether tax minimisation is important – the more land content as a percentage of the purchase price the more likely to obtain capital gain (wealth). Mediwealth Australia will match your strategy with appropriate properties

How can I minimize my tax?

We will prepare a cash flow and investment analysis for the property based upon your financial situation. You should discuss this with your accountant/financial advisor before proceeding.

Can I purchase using my SMSF?

Yes, subject to advice from your accountant or financial advisor. ATO has strict rules regarding SMSF property investment which you must be completely aware of. We only proceed with SMSF investment after full consultation with your advisor and your SMSF trustee.

How much should I spend?

Prior to proceeding to select an investment property you must have positive confirmation of your financial capacity to borrow. You should provide relevant financial and personal details to a lender or licensed mortgage/finance broker who will provide an estimate. If you do not have a broker or lender we can introduce you to very experienced mortgage brokers.

What type of mortgage is best for me?

Whether fixed or variable rates are suitable depends upon circumstances at the time. Your mortgage broker will offer you options to consider

Who will manage my property?

The management of your investment property is a key and critical function essential to the successful outcomes you seek. Prior to completion (if to be built) we will discuss your property with the most experienced property managers in the area with reputations for low tenant turnover and high rate of occupancy for vacant dwellings.

Where to buy?

This will depend upon the amount you have to spend. Any location Mediwealth Australia offers to you will have been subject to, and passed our stringent location tests for potential capital growth and high rental demand.

Can I joint venture with others?

Yes you can, however you need to have very strict rules for the venture and we suggest that before entering into a joint purchase you obtain legal advice as to the venture agreement.

Can I afford it?

Your financial advisors will provide the answers. At Mediwealth Australia we suggest that if you cannot afford to invest with comfort DON’T DO IT.

Why should I set my Investment Strategies through Mediwealth Australia?


We are Independent

No shareholding or equity arrangements with developers or builders.


We are Experienced

Engaged in property investment since 1960.


We are Conservative

Every location recommended has met our stringent location tests for future capital growth and above average rental demand. When we recommend a location we provide you with a complete location profile showing future plans, historic growth, proximity to important services and employment, and rental demand estimates from local agents.


No Hidden Costs

Our services are provided free of charge. We are remunerated by the builders – We carefully select these builders for quality and long term history of reliability and financial strength.


We are Hands On

You become a client for life with access to Mediwealth Australia 24/7. When we assist you to set your direction, we develop a strategy which enables you to increase your property portfolio through leverage off capital gain.


We Create Residential Property Wealth

Recommended properties will be located in areas where demand will increase. They will be quality built with attractive design. They will be assets with growth potential.