In my experience it is generally the decisions one did not make that are remembered most.

Like why didn’t I buy those shares when they were $2.50 or why didn’t I buy that property before the boom. That could have changed my life.

I guess that emotion plays a big part in changes we make and emotion can cause life changes which do not turn out to the benefit of all concerned.

That’s why I love the work I do, because it is a numbers game and you have to remove all emotion.
Over many years I have witnessed the damage done by emotional choices rather than ones where the numbers stacked up as per the formula.

The desire to live near the investment property so that you can keep an eye on it is misplaced. Location is the key to property wealth and is not always close to the investor.

We have overseas and interstate clients who may have never seen the properties apart from photos and regular reports.

There is a range of criteria essential to selection of locations with the potential of sustained above average capital gain – to create wealth or above average rental yield to provide a positive after tax cash flow, to investors keen to minimize taxation.

So, once all of the number are in place the choice becomes much easier and the likelihood of positive outcomes much more likely.

People come to me for advice and support to develop their wealth creation plans using property.

Before moving forward I spend considerable time qualifying these people as to how much they can comfortably afford to spend under the worst circumstances, not the best.

They have placed their future in my hands and that is a huge responsibility. The recommendations I make are the cornerstone of a property investment portfolio to provide them with a comfortable retirement and to have access to wealth for their use during and after their working lives.

These are life changing decisions not by going with the flow, but as the result of careful planning and plenty of research.

The decision to invest in residential property is a good one, providing you make informed choices provided by professionals specializing in investment property.

Jean Nidecht the founder of Weightwatchers International says “It’s choice – not chance that makes your destiny”


    Don Duncan F.A.I.M.

    Don Duncan F.A.I.M.

    Principal Consultant

    Don is the Principal Consultant at Mediwealth Australia, with over forty years experience in developing successful residential property investment strategies, and extensive experience in the financial sector, Don is uniquely qualified to provide you with the best property investment advice available. He is supported by experienced property investment consultants in both Brisbane and Sydney.