David had every opportunity to plan for a comfortable retirement but he always deferred planning due to other important, or perhaps more pleasurable, activities.

David is a baby boomer who thought that the good times would last forever. They did not and now he and his wife exist on a pension payment of around $800 per fortnight plus the meagre superannuation and savings they made along the way.

Try it – you will not like it.

I offered David the opportunity of a complimentary consultation 10 years ago when he and his wife were still working. He always agreed with “Yes Don, we will do it, however at the moment I am busy. Let’s leave to later when Jean and I have the time.”

That never occurred.

If David and Jean had met with me, we would have developed a plan for ‘a comfortable retirement’ which would have incorporated;

  • How much will our current planning produce when we both retire in11 years?
  • How much will we need for ‘a comfortable retirement?’
  • What is the gap?
  • How do we fill the gap in 11 years?

To fill the gap we work as a team with the following team members – all of whom can make it happen, because the client will always make informed choices.;

  • Client and partner if that is the situation – or the client solely
  • Financial adviser or accountant
    • Consider all options including property
  • Mortgage lender
  • Ourselves as property strategists if property is considered to be an important way to augment superannuation and other arrangements
  • Builder or developer
  • Property manager

It is our experience over many years that if the client has a plan agreed by all, including partner and dependants, everyone is much more confident that the plan will reach the best outcome given market conditions at that time.


  • The younger you start the easier and less outlay it is
  • We can assist potential retirees up to age 55 with a plan to fast track retirement income.
  • Don’t leave it to later. Our advice is free. If you do not have the cash for a start, no worry. Talk to us anyway about a savings plan to develop a deposit to get you into the market.
  • Consultations are generally started with a 5 minutes phone call allowing our consultant to determine if we can assist. If both agree that is possible, we arrange an appointment at your desired location.

‘Ticking time bomb’: Older Australians face housing crisis

Australian retirees will face a housing crisis within 15 years unless urgent action is taken, according to the Council on the Ageing.

DO IT NOW.  Click here to arrange a free consultation. Use the appointment prompt with name, contact phone and email and a consultant will call to have a 5 minute discussion at the appointed time.

Sharing more than 50 years of residential property investment experience


Don V. Duncan F.A.I.M.
Principal Consultant

Don Duncan F.A.I.M.

Don Duncan F.A.I.M.

Principal Consultant

Don is the Principal Consultant at Mediwealth Australia, with over forty years experience in developing successful residential property investment strategies, and extensive experience in the financial sector, Don is uniquely qualified to provide you with the best property investment advice available. He is supported by experienced property investment consultants in both Brisbane and Sydney.