Seeking an ethical investment?

From time to time we have clients seeking ethical property investment. It is not always easy to couple these with high rental return in a growing location, and an opportunity like the one below is extremely rare. One of the problems has been the fear of tenant...

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Fed up – Had enough

I don’t know about you but I am totally at odds with many of the so called experts (definition=drips under pressure) commenting on the property market. It is very much like the U.S. political scene at the moment where the news media is grasping on anything likely to...

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A gut wrenching experience

THAT IS HOW MY FRIEND DAVID EXPLAINED LIVING ON THE CURRENT PENSION. David had every opportunity to plan for a comfortable retirement but he always deferred planning due to other important, or perhaps more pleasurable, activities. David is a baby boomer who thought...

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SMSF Investment

DO YOU HAVE MORE THAN $200,000 IN CASH IN YOUR SMSF? THINK ABOUT THIS! Current bank interest rates at an historic low! This is having an adverse effect upon SMSF cash or deposit investments. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? Review the earnings from cash or deposits using a return...

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Thanks from an old dog on a long road

My property investment road has been long, sometimes dusty and rocky, other times smooth and always in the upwards direction. Along the road I made many friends and, hopefully, no enemies. Some had good intentions with bad advice. Others, with lots of...

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Debt Reduction

We all wish to owe as little on the family home as possible. I fully appreciate that many of us feel doubtful about property investment when there is a large debt on the family home. How would you feel if we provided an investment proposal focused on debt reduction?

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Last 3 at Bargain Prices!!!From $579,000

As these are the last three, the developer wishes to sell them quickly and has reduced the price. 

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