A Jewel Dual

In 2005 in conjunction with Ken Groom, a builder in Fernvale Qld. We designed and built what, at that time, were the first of the modern day dual income properties. Our purpose was to offer them as NRAS approved dwellings fitted out according to the...

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Which Brisbane market??

I SAID IT BEFORE AND I SAY IT AGAIN – WHICH BRISBANE PROPERTY MARKET IS FALLING? There is no one Brisbane market. Brisbane is divided into several markets, one of which is the Brisbane CBD. If you have recently invested in an apartment in Brisbane CBD you...

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Allied Health Awards Night

Bringing the finest Allied Health Professionals together to recognise their hard work and dedication.
Mediwealth Australia is proud to announce that it is the Platinum Sponsor for the Allied Health Awards night.

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A Touch of Class

Over the past 50 years or more I have lived in, sold and invested in many properties both in Australia and overseas. As stated in my book I did make mistakes but fortunately learned from them. I guess if you ask me what the major things I learned about investing were, my response will be “Buy quality” and “Buy and hold”.

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Baby Boomers HELP Is Here!

ATTENTION ‘BABY BOOMERS’ HELP IS HERE! Recently the number of ‘baby boomers’ enquiring about property investment has markedly increased. These enquiries are inspired by the realization that time is running out to develop enough wealth to avoid a gut...

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